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Our Story

All One Blood, AOB Sportswear, was started in 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Trell Jones. During a time of extreme violence and unjustly issues in the world. AOB sportswear brand promotes anti-violence and anti-racism. It also promotes family, togetherness, and unity. Which brought into the creation of the brand Family Ties.

- CFO Trell Jones


CEO- Darnei Hairston

Family Ties started in 2020, using apparel to symbolizize 

Meet the

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Patrick McClendon



Started in March 2020 to build an empire to unify other to come together to be apart of something bigger than himself

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Darnei Hairston


Started the company in 2019 with hopes of bring unification through clothing. "It's more than just a brand its a lifestyle." He has invest more into Family Ties which is a collection of AOB sportswear.

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